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Jimmy Moore, a member of the ASA and ISC Hall of Fames, has always had a passion for baseball/softball. Through his fast pitch softball career he has been a part of three National and three World Championship teams and has won numerous honors and awards such as, All American, All World and MVP. Through years of experience, Jimmy was able to design the U.S. Patent Pending pitchingsmart strike zone system.

The pitchingsmart strike zone system is the most innovative and revolutionary pitching aid to ever hit the market. You will never look at the strike zone the same again. This is a pitching aid for any baseball or softball pitcher to help them improve on their accuracy while also learning how to pitch smart. It is a multi shaded strike zone area with a matching matrix that tells a pitcher the smartest location to throw a pitch while using the count as the deciding factor for the specific situation. It also breaks down the strike zone into 4 unique specific targets for any and all pitching situations.

Jimmy also provides seminars in many areas, where he will go in and discuss the mentality of pitching smart and provide some very helpful tips and tricks that will increase the overall toughness of your game.

Combining the pitchingsmart strike zone system and seminars that we offer, we provide our customers with an opportunity to increase their overall potential for success. Our users to date have noticed their pitching skills have improved through accuracy, and mentally, which in return makes them a better player overall.

If you would like more information on the pitchingsmart system or the seminar services that we offer at pitchingsmart, contact Jimmy Today.

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