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The pitchingsmart Strike Zone System

At pitchingsmart, we offer our revolutionizing pitchingsmart strike zone system (PSSZ). The PSSZ is the most innovative and revolutionary pitching aid to ever hit the market. You will never look at the strike zone the same again. This is a pitching aid for any baseball or softball pitcher to help them improve on their accuracy while also learning how to pitch smart. It is a multi shaded strike zone area with a matching matrix that tells a pitcher the smartest location to throw a pitch while using the count as the deciding factor for the specific situation.

I am a firm believer that having good control (being able to throw a pitch to a specific location) is the single most important element to the success of any pitcher. The PSSZ makes it easier to master your control by breaking down the strike zone area into just four unique easy to see specific targets. Each one being a specific target for any and all situations. However, you can possess all of the physical ability in the world but you won’t reach your full potential if you don’t pitch smart. By using the matrix at the top, the PSSZ will tell you which one of those specific areas is the “smartest” location to throw the pitch for that count. Hence, the PSSZ will help a pitcher with two of the most important aspects of becoming a successful pitcher.

After only a few hours of use, you will memorize each count and the corresponding shaded symbols in the matrix. You will also be able to picture each shaded area around the strike zone. Consequently, you will be able to visualize the “smart” location for the pitch in your head for each and every count.

The brightly colored US Patent pending PSSZ is digitally printed with state of the art equipment on sturdy 13 ounce banner fabric and is proudly made right here in the USA. It is 5’10” tall by 2’-11” wide and can be easily hung from most 6’ tall practice screens or nets using the handy grommets on each corner. It’s light weight (2 lbs) also makes it very portable and easy to tape on to many smooth or wall type surfaces. It can be stored and transported in the 3” x 36” mailing tube that it comes in.

You may safely and securely purchase the PSSZ using the Paypal button for $109.95 plus $16.95 S&H to anywhere in the continental USA and Canada. Washington State residents will also need to pay state sales tax. In as little as a couple weeks, you can be using the pitchingsmart strike zone and improving your game like you never thought possible before.

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Watch a short video describing the pssz and how it can help you.

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